Planning a sparkling alcohol-free wedding? October 10, 2018 05:20

You might notice things get a little more festive when ZARI’s around, that’s because ZARI Sparkling grape juice is produced specifically for celebrating at alcohol-free occasions.

Beautiful inside and out, the proudly South African drink is love at first sip for bridal couples and wedding event planners.

Once reserved for royalty, toasting on a glass of bubbly has been associated with weddings for the longest time. Now the quintessential drink to see in New Year’s Eve or nights to remember, bubbly can be appreciated and enjoyed with confidence by everybody. Just because you or some of your guests don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the special cork-popping and toasting rituals at your wedding.

ZARI is cold-pressed from 100% single-cultivar Cape Muscat seedless grapes, allowing family and friends to participate in cork-popping and toasting rituals at weddings without the effects of alcohol.

The crowning jewel of sparkling grape juices, bound to impress at any table or event, the ZARI name is inspired by the gold or silver thread woven through luxurious, traditional middle eastern silks. With a sparkling ring on your finger and a sparkling drink in your hand you’ll see the world through rose tinted glasses, that will definitely add romance on your wedding day.

The art of Bubbly drinking

Bubbly drinking can be enjoyed with all the senses. From the diamanté frosting on the chilled bottle, the metallic twist of foil unfurling, the first pop of the cork, the pearlescent bubbles rising in the glass…

Admire the ruby and gold jewel colours of ZARI white or red grape juice, savour the delicious fruits~of~the~vine finish on the palate. Raise your glass and propose a toast ~ to love, laughter and happy ever after ~  to health and happiness and the finer things in life. Click here for ordering guidelines

The art of food pairing

A must for barristas, mixologists and foodies, ZARI offers endless possibilities for expanding the concept of food and wine pairing to alcohol-free occasions - from formal dinners to casual braais.

An alcohol-free version of Spanish Sangria, redolent with mint, citrus and berries would make an ideal welcome drink  to be shared from pouring jugs or punch bowls. When pairing and sharing, you can’t go wrong with keeping to the Spanish theme with all things tapas - the traditional term for small plates of food shared among party guests. Economical, shareables dishes perfectly paired alongside frosted jugs of refreshing ZARI Sangria such as  Patatas Bravas, olive tapenade and tortilla sides will turn your event into a fiesta. Click here for recipe

For holidays and festivals, those precious times when families and friends gather, think joy and -- ZARI Cranberry Cheer! No more frustration for pregnant or non-drinkers at your parties -- a bubbly cranberry pairs well with festive fare.  When it comes to food pairing, texture, colour and presentation all play a part, so be creative!  Click here for recipe

Explore our mocktail recipes for inspiring alcohol-free ideas for every occasion and to order ZARI Sparkling Red or white pop-top or screw top, glassware and bridal gifts. ZARI ~ Celebrate Openings!  #mocktail #recipes #alcohol-free #weddings #weddingplanning #catering #festiverecipes #celebrations