When it’s party time, ZARI Sparkling Grape juice comes into its own.

ZARI loves parties

ZARI is always dressed to impress and can be used to add glamour, sparkle and fun to any occasion. The ZARI name and packaging are inspired by the gold and silver threads woven through luxurious Middle Eastern fabrics.

ZARI adores décor

As the trend for beautiful function décor and creative party themes for corporate and social functions continues unabated, ZARI’s gold and silver designer packaging can add instant cost-effective style to any setting - romantic or celebratory, business or leisure, cultural or coming of age.

Oh Baby!

Baby naming, baby showers, engagement and bridal showers are always great reasons to get together and celebrate, even more so beautifully and safely with ZARI Sparkling Grape.

Dressing up ZARI bottles with colour theme straws, bunting and balloons guarantees a successful event will be had by all. A tray of non-alcoholic mocktails can be a conversation piece and a refreshing treat all year round.

We do!

Planning your special day is as stressful as it is thrilling. From flowers to food, colour schemes, centerpiece, runners, altars and archways, at least with ZARI in your ice buckets you will be assured of an impressive display that will make sure your big day goes off in glamourous, cork-popping style!

Sweet 16 

Teens of any age will love a mocktail party, where they can mix their own with ingredients such as citrus, fresh juices and garnishes laid on. No teen of any age will fail to be impressed by a sophisticated mock bubbly bar decorated with ice-buckets, glittery trimmings and metallic balloons. Say Cheers!

Close the deal!

School, sports and corporate functions and some cultural festivals demand a bit of decorum. Whether entertaining potential business partners or celebrating the signing of a deal, ZARI Sparkling Grape is always appropriate.

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve allows for some wild and whacky party concepts. Whether you are having a Bring and Braai, a New year’s day Brunch or Yoga party for your bendy friends, ZARI Sparkling Grape juice can be enjoyed as an aperitif paired with sweet or savoury snacks or as accompaniment to main course meals, desserts or festive cakes, allowing everyone to see in the New Year in suitably festive style.