ZARI Sparkling Grape is for celebrating life! Enjoy natural healthy goodness from 100% Cape Seedless Muscat grape juice that sparkles in the glass and on the palate.

Cultivar: Cape Muscat Seedless grapes of origin from the renowned Western Cape region of South Africa.

Tasting notes: Zari Red Grape: 

A naturally sweet, refreshing ready-to-drink infusion with a captivating ruby colour. The tiny bubble-infused glow reveals a hint of mint, citrus flowers and cinnamon offering a festive foam mousse on pouring and a delicious aromatic finish.

Tasting notes: Zari White Grape:  

Naturally sweet and aromatic flavours offer a refreshing ready-to-drink infusion of the best of Cape sunshine and soil, with the tang of lemon blossom and jasmine that sparkles in the glass and on the palate and a delicious honeysuckle finish.

Love at First Sip....

ZARI Sparkling Grape is a multi-sensory experience that can be enjoyed before taking a sip! Savour the Bubbly with all your senses ~ sight, sound, smell, taste and texture.

Allow your eyes to play over the crystalline frosting on Zari’s iconic glasses. Enjoy the design of a proudly South African brand that is beautiful inside and out ~ enhancing any fine-dining table, event venue or bar.

The sound of Zari Sparkling Grape

The pop of the cork… listen closely for the whisper of the festive mousse escaping the bottle, cresting to the surface of the glass. Savour the celebratory clinking of glassware toasting friendship, laughter and the joy of life!

The aroma of Zari Sparkling Grape

Dancing bubbles of Zari’s fruity and floral essences tickle your nose. Inhale the essence of the Robertson Valley terroir, romantically named The Valley of Wine and Roses.

The colour of ZARI Sparkling Grape

Admire the magnificent gold and ruby jewel colours of Zari, the bubbles rising in your glass like a string of diamonds.

The texture of ZARI Sparkling Grape

It’s love at first sip as you allow the popping, pearlescent bubbles to wash over your taste buds, releasing a flavour~wave of pure refreshment.

At last ~ the taste ....

Allow Zari to linger in your mouth. Savour the hints of honeysuckle and vanilla, the perfect marriage with fruits-of-the-vine that unfold on your palate like the opening of flowers to the sunshine.

Pure Pleasure!