You might notice things get a little more festive when ZARI Sparkling Grape is around, that's because ZARI is produced specifically for alcohol-free celebrating ~ a multi-sensory beverage experience that can be enjoyed before even before taking a sip.

The drink that's beautiful inside and out

Bubbly tasting is a multi-faceted experience ~ to be savoured with all the senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste and texture.

Love at first sip

First allow your eyes play over the crystalline frosting on ZARI's iconic packaging, the proudly African brand designed to grace any fine dining establishment, event venue or bar.

The sound of  ZARI Sparkling Grape

Next enjoyment starts at the first pop of the cork. Listen closely for the whisper of the festive mousse escaping the bottle, cresting to the surface of the glass, the celebratory clinking of fine glassware, the sounds of friendship and laughter.

The aroma of  ZARI Sparkling Grape

Notice the dancing bubbles that bear ZARI’s fruity and floral and essences up to tickle your nose. Inhale the essence of the Cape’s renowned Robertson Valley terroir, romantically named The Valley of Wine and Roses.

The colour of ZARI Sparkling Grape

Hold up your glass to admire magnificent jewel colours of ZARI Royale Gold and ZARI Ruby rose, the bubbles rising in your glass like a string of diamonds. A raised glass is also an idea time to propose a toast ~ to someone special, to any occasion or simply to the enjoyment of life.

The texture of ZARI Sparkling Grape

It’s love at first sip as you allow the popping, pearlescent bubbles wash over your taste buds, releasing a flavour~wave of refreshment and style.

At last the taste you've been waiting for

To top off the experience, allow ZARI to linger in your mouth a little longer than usual, to appreciate the hints of honeysuckle and vanilla, the perfect marriage with fruits-of-the-vine that reveal themselves on your palate like the opening of flowers to the sunshine.

Pure pleasure!