The Chocolate ZARI-tini

Chocolate - one of life’s greatest pleasure. This decadent, chocolate-based mocktail is guaranteed to impress guests, served as a dessert or treat at festive events. Just add shiny baubles, your favourite glassware and let ZARI create the magic.

  • 30 grams milk or dark chocolate
  • Ruby or Gold ZARI Sparkling grape
  • Grated chocolate shavings or chocolate vermicelli for rimming the glass

Prepare the “ZARI-tini” glass by pouring a little ZARI into a wide bowl or saucer, dip the rim of the glass into the ZARI and dip in shaved chocolate or ready made chocolate vermicelli. Set the glass aside. Melt your choice of chocolate on the stove or in the microwave and swirl a little of it around the prepared glass. Pour in your ZARI and sip through a short straw!

Food pairing suggestions:

When it comes to food pairing  texture, colour, presentation and individual tastes all play a part. Serious chocolate lovers might want to carry the chocolate theme through to serve the Chocolate ZARItini with textured side dishes such as mini-chocolate brownies or crisp mint choc-chip cookies on the side. Additional colour, contrast and tastes can be added with a berry or citrus fruit salads, dipping meringues or and ice cream. For festive or seasonal events add candy canes or mini-marshmallows  and décor such as festive baubles or seasonal floral displays.