Zari Sparkling Grape is sold across 5 continents and is enjoyed in some of the world’s finest restaurants and hotels.
Our products meet the following international standards:
  • HACCP accredited (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points food safety)
  • FDA certification allows export to the United States of America
  • ISO approved - ISO 9000 quality assurance
  • Halaal: certified halaal by the South African National Halaal Authority
  • BEE Level 1 (South African government criteria of 100% racial inclusivity)


It is certified that Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) is added to:
  • Inhibit fermentation of the cold-pressed product;
  • Inhibit other microbiological growth.                                               
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is added to:
  • provide supplementary resistance to fermentation
  • ensure that the product has excellent shelf life.


For:  United Arab Emirates, China and Japan.