ZARI™ Sparkling Grape juice is a premium brand. It is 100% alcohol free, rich in nutrition and anti-oxidants and contains no artificial colourants, added sugar or concentrate. It is produced from the Cape Muscat seedless cultivar which is naturally sweet and refreshing and has a pronounced floral aroma - the muscat bouquet is unmistakable and the taste is crisp, fresh and fruity. ZARI™ is the ideal choice to complement weddings, Barmitzvahs, Eid, Valentine’s Day, graduations, birthday parties ~ in fact, any celebration! ZARI is the perfect choice for health-conscious customers seeking a great tasting, quality beverage.

ZARI has been created for the discerning palate: it respects the Western Cape’s grape heritage, our local high-end market and discerning visitors to our shores.

Zari Sparkling Grape - crisp, clear liquid  gold and luscious ruby red
  • Bubbly in 750 ml – refreshing; effervescent; bursting with the poetry of romance, once the cork is popped, the sweetness of love flows.
  • Lifestyle 750ml with screw-cap – revitalising everyday life with perfect taste and great health benefits, it is a celebration of the joy of living
  • Ready-to-go 300ml cans – pure high-energy for living your best life and keeping you on top of your game!


COLOUR -  White: deep yellow-golden  colour,  Red:  rosy-ruby;  upfront  muscat aroma, crisp, green apples on the palate, refreshing, mousse on pouring, streams of fine bubbles.


  • 100% alcohol free
  • Pure single muscat grape cultivar, not blended
  • No added sugar
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and nutrition
  • Cholesterol and Gluten free
  • Has 3 times the nutritional value than that of orange, grapefruit, tomato or apple
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory qualities
HALAL Endorsement

ZARI™ is a perfect “fit” for Muslim markets that traditionally have been offered a limited range of fizzy drinks and diluted grape concentrates for celebratory occasions.  ZARI has been exported to the Middle East with the approval of the Food Control Department of the Dubai Municipality