THE WELCOME DRINK: Nothing says welcome to thirsty guests quite like a tall glass of chilled bubbly releasing tantalising fruit aromas ~ or a display of chilled Zari on ice.

Be on trend with punch bowls decorated with citrus and berries, hip candy floss cloud mocktails and fresh summer fruit cocktails!  

See our fabulous mocktail ideas here.

THE ZARI BUBBLY BAR: Create a fun station with decorative ice buckets and baths for guests to add fresh juices, berries and tasty garnishes such as mint, lemon and berries to their Zari. Add visual excitement with colourful serviettes, stirrers and swizzles. Perfect for brunches and lunches.

THE ZARI TABLE: Put the finishing touches of bling on wedding tables, gala dinners and festive occasions. Ice buckets double as décor and allow guests to have chilled ZARI within reach for tasting and toasting. Win-win!

Experiment with mocktail and food pairing ~ it’s a great new trend to try!

THE TOAST AT A WEDDING: The toast is a highlight of any wedding! A parent, family member or friend invites guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the bridal couple. 

 “To Love, Laughter and Happily ever after! Please join me in raising a glass to ... (Name + Name) !” 


THE ART OF OPENING: Hold bottle at a 45° angle and point in a safe direction. Untwist the wire cage (the ‘Muselet’), but don’t remove it. Rotate bottle firmly while gently wriggling the cork. The pressure of the bubbly inside will allow you to ease out the cork with a satisfying pop!

THE ART OF POURING: Place your thumb in the depression under the bottle (the “punt”) and spread your fingers along the body of the bottle. Hold a glass with your free hand at a 45° angle and pour down the inside of the glass. Give the bottle a quick twist to avoid spillage when the glass is filled. 6-8 servings per bottle in a standard flute.

THE ART OF TASTING: Hold up your glass to admire the golden sparkle and graceful bubbles before proposing a toast. Savour the delicate blend of lemon zest and fruit-of-the-vine on the nose, beautifully balanced by woody tannins on the palate.

Alcohol-free or mixing it up?  We’ve got tons of ideas for your on-trend, sparkling party …. Zari cocktails, mocktails, bubbly bars and a Calculator that helps you decide how much to order so you never run dry!

FOOD PAIRING? It's simple. Zari Sparkling Grape is about food that’s made for sharing! And for romance, good conversation, friendship, summer sunshine and cosy winter fires. Just prepare the food you love – open the Zari – and things will get festive!