ZARI grapes are grown in the world-renowned Robertson Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. Robertson boasts a unique soil type (terroir) that contributes to the outstanding wines produced there - and to the quality of Zari, which is a non-alcoholic beverage on par with those fine wines. Zari is not a concentrate, blend or diluted – and it has no added sugar. It is quite simply….pure pleasure!

The metallic packaging and exquisite vine motif featuring indigenous creatures of the Cape Winelands speak to the superior quality of Zari. The pop-top brings bubbly drinking rituals to non-alcohol markets; and the convenient screw-cap is ideal for serving a premium beverage at everyday functions.



The A-to-ZARI of Drinking

Zari Sparkling Grape and celebrations go hand in hand!

Won an award? Graduated? Popped the question? New Year’s Eve party? Here’s the A-to-ZARI Guide to stylish entertaining on any occasion!

It’s not surprising there are so many unfamiliar terms involved in bubbly drinking, as many rituals originate in countries like France or Spain. Here are some decoded:

  • Aperitif: A drink served as an appetiser before a meal.
  • Appearance: The means of appreciating colour, clarity before drinking. For example Zari’s diamante bubbles, turning to crystalline gold and jewel-hued sparkles are a delight to the eye even before the first sip.
  • Aroma: A bouquet of bubbles carries the aroma up the flute to the nose, releasing the refreshing aroma of honeysuckle, jasmine and fruit-of-the-vine.
  • Barristas - An Italian word for a bartender, who typically works behind a bar counter ( see also mixologist).
  • Barware - Items required for the preparation and serving of beverages, cocktails and mocktails in a professional or home bar consisting of assorted shapes of glassware, ice-buckets, strainers, blenders and accessories such as bottle stoppers, pourers, stirrers, knives, trays, trolleys etc.
  • Bitters - Traditional preparations used in drops or dashes in beverages and cocktails especially in gin and tonic or virgin tonic. Flavours are derived from bitter botanical extracts such as bark or citrus peel infused in alcohol and water. Alcoholic strength varies widely across the different brands produced throughout the world. One of the most well-known is Angostura Bitters, named after the town of Angostura in Venezuela.
  • Bouquet - A description of the aroma emanating from a bottle or glass of bubbly, which may include floral details,  for example Zari opens with a bouquet of honeysuckle, jasmine and fruit~of~the~vine (see aroma above ).
  • Brut - The term used to describe a bubbly of dry character with little perception of sweetness.
  • Cape Muscat - A lesser known grape varietal with honey, apricot, peach and floral flavours, which can tend towards even greater complexity on the palate.
  • Canapés - Small snacks usually with a savoury topping, served with drinks at receptions or formal parties.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) - The gas that puts the bubble in your bubbly and provides the gentle build-up of pressure that makes the celebratory cork pop!
  • Chilling - A means of keeping bottles and glasses refrigerated until use on ice, or in decorative ice buckets for max refreshment and crispness.
  • Cold-pressed -  A term describing juice extraction by means of hydraulic press which provides 100% pure fruit without any additives. Popular in growing health and fitness trends.
  • Coupe - Bowl-shaped glasses in which sparkling drinks, mocktails or desserts may be served.
  • Curated bar - Decorative trolley ideal for displaying Zari's vine-clad packaging, glassware, decanters and accessories. A statement that is always on trend.
  • Demi-sec  - denotes medium sweetness.
  • Effervescence - the magical expression of fizzy bubbles in your glass.
  • Finish - After-taste or how long the taste lingers on the palate after drinking.
  • Flute - A tall, narrow stemmed glass designed to retain both chill and carbonation of bubbly by reducing the surface area for it to escape. A flute-style glass enhances aroma and taste - the bubbles carry aroma to the top with the added visual enjoyment of playful bubbles rising to the top.
  • Flirtini - Pink, fruity bubbly cocktail ideal for romantic days that can be adapted for alcohol-free lifestyles.
  • Foil - The metallic foil that encased cork and wire cage on a bubbly bottle, is removed with a perforation or peel tab.
  • Food pairing - Usually associated with different wines recommended for various courses of a meal, the "art" of food pairing can encompass a variety of beverages such as non-alcoholic mocktail pairing for the purpose of finding unique combinations of textures and flavours that enhance each other.
  • Frizzante - A term used to describe the level of effervescence (i.e. the strength of the bubbles) in a bottle of bubbly.
  • Gimlet - A cocktail served in a classic V-shaped or coupe glass (see coupe) often pre-chilled and garnished with a slice of citrus or edible flowers.
  • Ice bucket - Containers used for holding ice to keep beverages chilled at parties and functions, ranging from one bottle to tubs of ice for bulk beverages. Most often used in bar areas, buffets or kitchens, typically made from stainless steel, plastic, glass or copper, which may provide insulation for lasting storage of ice.
  • Mixology, Mixologists  - The art of using a variety of ingredients to create new or classic mocktails and cocktails. A bit like a beverage chef, mixologists are skilled at the craft of mixing cocktails and mocktails.
  • Mocktail - Cocktails made without alcohol.
  • Mousse - the effervescent bubbles that rise to the top of a glass of bubbly.
  • Muddler A necessary tool for bartenders and mixologists serious about their craft. Signature cocktails are commonly created by mashing fresh ingredients with a muddler in order to infuse the flavours with alcohol (see Zarito below).
  • Muselet The French term for the wire cage that holds the cork and is untwisted before easing out the cork to set the pressurised drink free in a shower of celebratory bubbles. Derives its name from the French museler, to muzzle ( see also Foil above).
  • Palate - A wine term used to describe the ability to appreciate a range of taste characteristics of a beverage via the smell and taste senses.
  • Pearlescent - A description of the shimmering silver flashes of bubbles rising in a glass of sparkling wine or grape juice.
  • Punch bowls - A means of serving party drinks from wide decorative bowls with a ladle. The word punch comes from the Hindu word paantsch, meaning five, because the original drink consisted of five ingredients such as a spirit, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices. The concept of punch was brought from India by the British East India Company in the early seventeenth century. Now making a comeback for stylish entertaining, punch bowls were once popular wedding gifts and standard household items.
  • Punt - The dimple at the bottom of some beverage bottles, used for elegant pouring.
  • Quintessential - Something that is the most perfect or typical example in its class, as in Zari Sparkling Grape is the quintessential non-alcoholic bubbly.
  • Sabrage - An impressive technique for opening a champagne bottle with a ceremonial sabre or sword, by sliding the sabre along the body of the bottle to break the top of the neck clean away from the bottle without having to manually remove the cork. The action of the blade hitting the lip of the bottle, causes the the collar to separate cleanly from the neck - cork and all. Said to originate from the swashing celebrations of Napoleon’s French armies.
  • Soberista - A worldwide movement of people who are making alcohol-free living a growing trend.
  • Sommelier - Professional waitrons who specialise in beverage recommendation, knowledgeable about wines and beverage and pairing; usually employed in fine restaurants.
  • Sparkling - Bright, with flashes of light, like a sparkling diamond, sparkling eyes or the bubbles in sparkling wine or sparkling grape juice  (see effervescence, frizzante).
  • Sundowners - In South Africa, the activity of enjoying a few rounds of social beverages, if possible outdoors  - in the garden or terrace, at the coast or on safari - with a view of the setting sun or sky. Often enjoyed with little bowls of snacks such as pretzels or nuts. A means of relaxing and celebrating the end of the day’s activities, a pre-dinner drink (see aperitif).
  • Swizzle - A small stick for decorating, stirring and mixing drinks.  Customise with fruit, ribbons or paper decorations ideal for personalising drinks at bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, bachelorette parties.
  • Temperature - The temperature at which bubbly is served has a significant effect on its taste. Zari Sparkling Grape should always be served chilled ( see also ice buckets above).
  • Terroir - All of the elements of a vineyard - soil type, climate, region where the vineyard is situated, which influence the resulting character of the grapes and beverages produced from it. For example Zari Muscat grapes from the Western Cape’s world renowned Robertson terroir, produce a grape juice on par with fine South African wines.
  • Varietal  - A single named grape variety - for example the Cape Muscat Seedless grape varietal from which Zari Sparkling Grape is produced.
  • Wire cage -  The wire cage mechanism that prevents the cork in a bottle of bubbly from escaping due to carbonation pressure (see Muselet).
  • Zaritini - Coming soon - classic Zari Sparkling Grape in irresistible party-size "baby cham" 4-packs.
  • Zero-alcohol - A growing trend wor
  • l
  • dwide of zero alcohol beverages (see Soberistas).