Zero alcohol lifestyles

The World Health Organisation (WHO) ranks South Africa as number four on a list of countries with the riskiest drinking patterns and some of the worst drunk driving statistics in the world. Globally alcohol use is the third leading risk factor for poor health. Alcohol-related problems have a devastating impact on individuals, families, community life and whole economies.

Alcohol free lifestyles positively influencing retail, health trends

The above factors are increasingly giving rise to new trends which see both older markets and younger (Millennials aged 18 - 36) paying renewed interest to holistic health. These trends are driving sales in new retail categories such as supplements, vitamins and non-alcoholic beverages, presenting opportunities for companies and organisations catering to new lifestyle consumption needs and habits.

World Without Wine

New sobriety trends are catching on as more people become conscious of their drinking habits and take measures to moderate intake or adopt altogether sober lifestyles. Cape Town-based Janet Gourand is one such person who has made a huge impact in this regard. The World Without Wine Initiative which she started to provide alternative social support structures and coaching to help people take control of their drinking behavior, is growing from strength to strength with initiatives such as sober book clubs, pop-up dry bars and other encouraging social activations.

Road safety and designated drivers

According to the Automobile Association of South Africa AA, drunk driving is one of the biggest threats to Road Safety in South Africa with an unacceptable 50% of people who die on our roads being over the limit.

Using registered taxis, Uber, AA Designated Driver services or appointing an alcohol-free friend or relative as designated driver these day is the only conscious lifestyle choice for party goers.

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Holistic health, diet and activity

 Many cultures are forbidden or choose not to partake of alcohol, but they, along with every other sector of the population, are not immune to the other factors affecting optimum health. Processed foods, sugar, excessive caffeine consumption, smoking and too many hours spent desk-bound at computers, increasingly play havoc with health and well-being.

ZARI the perfect lifestyle trend

Many Westerners are looking to the East for improved health and wellness. Trends towards Asian restaurants such as sushi, Ramen noodle bars, tea rooms, Ayurvedic herbs and spices, Indian food and yoga studios popping up in every city across the globe, many of which have been practiced for centuries, point to a shift away from excessive and unhealthy lifestyle practices to help us boost energy and cope with the demands of modern living.

In addition, reduced meat, sugar and additive consumption, vegetarian, vegan, sustainably sourced, organic and foraged produce are all huge global urban foodie trends.

Premier ZARI Sparkling Grape made from 100% Cape Muscat seedless grapes of origin, rich in nutritional value and anti-oxidants, with no artificial colourants or added sugar is the ideal new lifestyle choice for social cultural and health reasons.

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